News on v1.1 update

A bit of news about the next v1.1 update and its content.

  • After the update, the camera will be rotated by holding down the right-hand mouse button and in most views you can also move the camera with the WASDEQ keys (by default) while holding down the mouse button. In the cab view you can use this to stick your head through the window to look back down the train.
  • There's also a new free-roaming camera view, or two actually: one of them is bound to the train while the other one is free to roam anywhere in the world except underground.
  • It'll be possible to have more control over the graphics options, the most important new options being target FPS and control over the level of detail (LOD) bias. If you have a fast computer you can crank up the LOD bias to prevent some of the "LOD popping" which is apparent in the current version.
  • You can also change the default scoreboard name from the settings which should be useful for anyone making videos or streaming.
  • I've made small improvements to the key helpers and added two completely new helpers: one that shows the signal aspect in the route minimap when you get close enough to the signal and one that shows the current up/downhill gradient.
  • A new driving mode is also in the works: rescue. In this mode the service you selected has broken down somewhere down the line and you're dispatched from the depot to get it back from blocking other traffic.
  • In addition there will be a number of smaller improvements like taking screenshots etc.

I'm going to miss the planned release of the v1.1 update this month, mainly because of the new mode which is proving to be harder to implement than I expected, but it should be worth it. The new planned release date is in October.

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Hey I was wondering how this update is coming along since it is nearing the end of october, do you think it will reach october or come out later?

awesome game btw I love it, it is far better than train simulator in my honest opinion

Hi, thanks for the compliment! The update testing is to finish tomorrow on Monday, so it'll probably be released next week unless some major issues are found.

cool thanks for replying so fast, i am looking forward to this update