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Diesel Railcar Simulator - A train driving simulation set in the British railways of the late 1960's, modelling the passenger diesel multiple units, or 'railcars', of the era.

Hours of gameplay in a fictitious route with Inter-City, semifast, stopping and empty coaching stock train services. All services have tens of departures over the 14hr daytime timetable, running times varying between 15 and 60 minutes. You can choose to drive any train while the other trains run under computer control.

Great replayability. Your driving style and timekeeping are evaluated and scored upon completing a run. Try the same run again to reach a higher score by braking more accurately or by driving more economically. You'll still need to prepare for suprises as traffic and delays may change from run to run.

For beginners and experienced trainsimmers alike. Various helpers are included to assist beginning drivers in learning the train controls and operation. An optional key assistant shows which keys to press, when and why. Enable simple controls to operate the train with up/down keys only, while the actual throttle, shifter and brake levers are computer-controlled. Experienced drivers can operate the levers and other controls directly from the keyboard.

Realistic train behaviour is ensured by detailed physics simulation of vehicle components. The simulator includes BR diesel railcar classes 112, 122, 126 and 127. All parts of the drive train are simulated separately.

Feeling of movement. The suspension of each vehicle is made up of axle boxes, bogie frames, planks and bolsters, all individually simulated to make the vehicle bounce and sway over uneven trackwork. The driver's head (camera) also moves independently of the driving cab.

Over 50 miles of track in a route of four lines with different characteristics: a 4-track main line with fast and slow trains often running alongside, a 2-track countryside main line extension with slower trains overtaken in passing loops, a meandering short suburban line, and a mountainous rural single line. The route features semaphore signalling and realistic trackwork with superelevated curves, klothoid transition curves and individual rail joints.

Free updates planned. The simulator is not finished and free updates that include improvements and new content are to be released later. See the roadmap.

Support the development of the next version. Buying a copy benefits the development of a more advanced train simulation product with a broader scope. See the roadmap of planned features.

Recommended system for highest quality graphics: Windows PC with dual-core CPU, 4GB RAM, 600MB free disc space and GeForce GTX 750 / Radeon HD 6950 comparable GPU. The sim also has lower graphics quality settings for less performant hardware.

Support - Next version and updates

Other people playing Diesel Railcar Simulator on Youtube: GrayStillPlays, HoneyBunnyGames, Jimmy Dali

Reviews: RPS

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Published 25 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags3D, trains
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSupport, Next version


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Hi there. I bought this last week and have played it a little. I stream train/plane simulation games and plan to stream this tonight on Twitch from 7.30pm UK time. Really impressed with the work done so far and looking forward to seeing where this will go in the future. I'm definitely recommending this to my viewers.

One question - the scoreboard - does this automatically take the name of the account on the PC? I'd like to be able to change this as I don't really want my full name displayed on stream.

Hi! I hope I didn't miss your stream already. The scoreboard takes the current account name by default and you can only change it after it has already appeared on the screen, so it might be a bit of a problem for you. This is something that never occured to me, but I'll do something about it in the next update. The only workaround I can think of for now is to create another Windows account for streaming - sorry!

I bought a copy of this several days ago and have been playing it ever since. Very, very impressive work - the moment a faster train overtook me as I trundled up a 4-track section was fantastically immersive. One teeny thing I would like to see (and I know that 'improved graphics' is on the todo list) is a 'toning down' of the colours, which are a little too bright/colourful/computer-generated (IMO!) at the moment.

This really is an incredible achievement and I can only hope that enough people purchase a copy so that the phase 2 stage of development will go ahead as planned.

Great stuff!

Thanks! The colours may indeed be a bit over-saturated, I'll see what I can do about it in the next update.

Nooooo it looks great as-is! :) IMO, the vibrancy of the colors works really well with the art style of the decor. If you make it more "realistic" looking, that'll draw attention to the stylistic approach of the scenery, and you won't gain anything. Keep as is, please, and focus on the actual content (routes etc), please!


That's a good point as well, I'll make it an option then! Implementing it only takes maybe 10 minutes, don't worry about it :)

Thumbs up for options!

I will be buying this game in possible future! I want to ask if this is going to be a Railcar Simulator only? Or is it gonna develop to become a full  fledged Train Simulation game with features as shunting,  freight, passenger and other trains than just DMUs??

This version (1.x) is mostly going to be British railcars only, although one of the free updates will add a locomotive to demonstrate the possibilities. The next versions from v2 onwards will be more like a full featured trainsim, more about the plans here.


I grabbed this after the RPS article, played it, and had to drop by to compliment the author. The fidelity is through the roof (after the sterility of TS) and I love how smoothly it runs. Also digging the "which key to press" feature which is actually teaching me how to run this train better than any other sim; I should be able to turn it off in another day or two! And having a "less than 25 minutes" (and other similar easy-to-use choices) in the route selector is just brilliant.

Keep up the great work.

Just wanted to say how wonderful this is to play. Ran one of the Up Intercity services and I'm already hooked. Watching the traffic roll by on the 4-track bit is fantastic.

Kinda hope you keep it to the fictitious route type things in the future - in all honesty I prefer the play value (albeit with historic equipment) to full prototype fidelity, leaves you more room to perfect how the game runs.

Thanks, I'm sure it's possible to have both!

I love the game so far keep up the good work!


I bought this after seeing it on Rock Paper Shotgun and just ran a quick 15 minute route and this is pretty awesome. I love the feeling of movement in the cab, it feels so alive after Dovetail's pretty stale and motionless affairs. And the price is great! I'd love to have clickable cabs though... Also is there a route map available to download anywhere?

Thanks for the feedback! The next update will include a route map. Clickable cab controls are on the todo-list but when they will be included is still uncertain.

Deleted post

There will be some free updates to Diesel Railcar Simulator, as it's still "early access". The next major version, "Version 2", will be called something different and will have more content and features. Version 2 needs to be bought separately when it's published. Are you thinking of Train Simulator 20xx that gets an update every year? It's probably not going to be that way in this sim because there's no year in the title :)

Are you selling early access game and then expecting people to buy the second version of the same early access game? 

Not exactly... Version 1, which is called "Diesel Railcar Simulator" is "early access" in the sense that I'm still going to release free updates (v1.x) to it which improve sounds, graphics and add a bit of content. Version 2 will be called something else since it's not only about BR diesel railcars but a more generic train sim. Version 2 will have a new name, much more content and features as listed in the future plans page. It will be sold separately because the new features will take so much effort and money (for outsourcing etc.) to develop that it wouldn't be sustainable otherwise. You can't expect to pay $15 and get several years of development and content for free. Compare to the other train sim products and their DLC.

Oh, Okay. I was just checking since these days a lot of early access game developers just scam people and never finish their games. 

I have bought the game and at first I was afraid that it would be bad cuality an stuff but the game is awsome! I got way more than I was expecting. I love this game already! I would love to help creating this game but I don´t know anything about coding.

Thanks! The coding side of things is all right at the moment, it's the graphics and 3d-models I could use help with. If anyone with graphics and modelling skills is reading, please e-mail me your contact details and a link to your portfolio.

Hi Lapioware,

Looking around on your sites I have answered my own question about PayPal.

Hi Lapioware

Is it OK to buy the game with PayPal, I like what I see so far, I have been watching people play the game on YouTube.

It looks a lot easier than other train games.

Trust me, it is not at all easy but it is a lot of fun

If I buy it here will I get a steam key if it gets there And will I have all the future updates?

Yes you get all the future v1.x free updates. If this game eventually gets to Steam I'll try to arrange it so that you also get the Steam key if you purchase it here (or have already purchased).

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Will this  come out on Steam? And will it have controller support?

It might come out on Steam once I improve the graphics and sounds a bit. The process to get on Steam is somewhat heavy and can take months (for a non-US seller). What kind of controllers do you mean? Raildriver might be supported some time in the future.

How about looking into getting it on Humble Bundle store, as I believe they don't take a cut so big? Plus you can support charity (such as heritage railways) in the process! 

The cut here is quite low, so Humble store doesn't have much to offer in that regard. It would probably be more useful to eventually get the game on Steam.

Not sure if you've noticed but Steam changed how you get onto Steam recently - the whole process of using Greenlight and getting votes is dead-and-gone.

Now you just pay them money and you're in - the cost is $100 per game which they refund if you reach $1000 in sale (or equiv on other currencies obv.)

No idea on lead-time as I've not gone through it yet - but I think it's better than the nonsense that was Greenlight

Thanks, yes, I've noticed that and for me as a dev it was certainly a positive change. To be more specific, the harder part seems to be preventing double taxation. Unless you can provide a US TIN, they will withhold an additional 30% of the sales, making it financially unsound. Apparently this isn't specific to Steam but to other app stores as well. From what I've gathered so far, getting a TIN isn't exactly straightforward for a non-resident foreigner. Please share if you have some experience on this!

do u have an email for support?

I know you already found it but it's support@railcarsimulator.com if someone else is looking for it.

I'm going to buy this soon, but wondered if you plan to have your own forum or blog where you could post updates/news and take suggestions for possible future features? 

You're right, it would be a good idea. Right now my news and updates are scattered piecemeal all over the place. I'm opening a Facebook page soon, maybe a group as well.

Does it have support for Raildriver?

I'm afraid not, not yet at least, maybe in the future! I first need to order one for myself.

Awesome train simulator, I'm really impressed. This simulator already has features that I haven't seen in a train simulator before, and it feels realistic too. Looking forward to the future releases. Thank you Lapioware!

Thanks, it's going to get even better in the future!

Wow this seems great what are your plans for future updates?

Short term plans include a number of free updates until the next major version is ready. More about it here.

Long term plans include new routes, trains a loads of other stuff. More about them here.

I'm gonna buy this game ASAP, are you the only one working on the game?? I would like to help anyway possible 

Yes, I'm working on this alone and would welcome any help with 3D-models and graphics!

what engine do you use to create ur models and graphics?


The engine is Unity3D. Many of the models are made with Blender but some of them are coded in C# (yes, it's possible to code 3d-models)

Wow this looks amazing. I'm considering buying this game. I do have one question though: what are the graphic requirements? Thank you!

The recommended system for highest quality graphics is a Windows PC with dual-core CPU, 4GB RAM, 600MB free disc space and GeForce GTX 750 or Radeon HD 6950 or comparable GPU, so the requirements are not very high!

Top of my wishlist, it looks great! All we need is a class 101 or 105... but I'll still be buying soon!

Thanks! The 112 should be fairly close to a 105.

awesome game