Version 1.1 released

Main changes and new features

  • Rescue scenario: the service you select has failed at one of the stations (picked at random) along its route and you're dispatched from the depot to get it back. The scenario can be chosen from below the train picture in the service screen.
  • A new free roam camera mode which is free to move anywhere except underground. A variant of this is the free train camera which moves along with the train.

  • Camera is rotated by holding down the right-hand mouse button where previously it would rotate all the time.
  • Zooming in helicopter view is by W,S keys instead of scroll wheel.
  • Moving in free roaming view, cab view and passenger view can be done by holding down the right-hand mouse button (optional) and pressing W,A,S,D,E,Q keys (the defaults). The cab side windows are not yet animated so you'll find sticking your head through the glass.
  • The F-keys were running out for the different views so they're now mapped to keys 0-9 by default, much in the same way as in TS201x. The engine starting keys were moved elsewhere. You may need to review the keys in the key configuration screen and restore the defaults if they don't make sense to you.
  • General settings: you can change the screenshot saving path and the default score name which is no longer taken from your user account. This can be useful for streaming and making videos.
  • Screenshots can be captured by CTRL+T (the default key)
  • Graphics settings: more detailed options for enabling or disabling some effects and changing the quality level without having to restart. Also includes target FPS and LOD bias tweaking for preventing LOD popping on higher-end systems.
  • The new optional signal aspect helper paints the minimap signals in red or green depending on the aspect when you get close enough to the signal. Intended for those who are still getting the hang of things or find it hard to observe the semaphore arms.
  • Up/downhill grade helper shows the track gradient percentage. Positive values for uphill and negative for downhill.
  • Tips and tooltips contain advice and answers to some common questions people asked me after the first release.

If you're using the Itch app, the sim will be downloaded and updated automatically. Otherwise you can download the full zip again.

Information about the following updates will be posted soon!

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Version 1.1.0 Oct 31, 2017

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Is there some way of changing cab in the rescue scenarios? I tried one but ended up committing a SPAD. Loving the new camera options by the way!

Changing cab within the same unit (only the Class 122) is by P key, and changing vehicle is by V. You can review and change the keys from the key configuration. Likewise, if you're ever unsure what to do, open the driving settings screen during the sim to enable the "show which key to press" helper. You can then disable it again once it has guided you through the tricky bit.

great job on this update, i love being able to walk around the cab now :D

Great! What do you think about the rescue scenario?

Rescue scenario is cool, I have never seen something like it before, and being in the broken train and driving from there while hearing no engine noise made it feel even more real, great job!

Where  is the the upgade zip file  located??

There is no separate upgrade zip, just download the full zip again. The link should be at the top of the game's page if you're logged in, where it says "You own this game" => Download. If you just purchased yesterday or today, you already have the latest version. Does this help?