Plan for next updates

Here's a list of the planned updates for Diesel Railcar Simulator. Right now making the sim extensible by adding a route editor is a high priority. After that the graphics will be improved bit by bit to modern standards over a number of updates, starting from version 1.4:

1.2 Sound update (December)

  • Improved sounds from Robert Tarling's archives
  • A new fictitious route

1.3 Editor update (Feb 2018)

  • A simple route/timetable editor
  • New trains: a DMU, loco + wagons and coaches. The classes are to be announced later

1.4 Scenery update (Apr 2018)

  • More realistic sky and lighting
  • Increased terrain resolution and better textures
  • Grass and bushes
  • Fields and forests
  • More realistic roads and fences
  • More and better house/building models

1.5 Infrastructure update (Jun 2018)

  • Fully procedural track, allowing more flexible layouts, turnouts, double slips and crossings
  • More realistic and detailed track models
  • Uneven track 3d-models to match rails to wheel movement
  • More realistic signal placement
  • Better signal models
  • Improved and more flexible bridge models
  • Better station platforms, buildings and props
  • Stopping markers will be moved onto the platforms where they belong

1.6 Train update (Aug 2018)

  • Improved train exterior and interior models and textures
  • New DMU classes (to be announced later)
  • Missing train physics will be added (handbrake, stopping of engines)
  • People inside the trains

This isn't a comprehensive list of all the updates to come. An improved user interface and some kind of Steam integration is also planned, as well as a number of smaller fixes and improvements where required. Sim owners will get these updates for free.

Anything you would reprioritise?

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In 1.3 Editor update (Feb 2018) it says "loco + wagons and coaches." what type of loco do you mean like steam or diesel? i would assume diesel but i don't want to be mistaken

Definitely diesel! The physics can't yet do electrics or steam locos.

Cool thanks for answering that :D