Plan for next updates

Here's a list of the planned updates for Diesel Railcar Simulator. Right now making the sim extensible by adding a route editor is a high priority. After that the graphics will be improved bit by bit to modern standards over a number of updates, starting from version 1.4. The updates are intended to be released every 2-3 months but this cannot be guaranteed.

1.3 Editor update

  • First version of the route/timetable editor
  • New trains: loco + wagons and coaches. The classes are to be announced later

1.4 Scenery update

  • Increased terrain resolution and better textures
  • Grass and bushes
  • Fields and forests
  • More realistic roads and fences
  • More and better house/building models
  • First version of the train editor

1.5 Infrastructure update

  • Fully procedural track, allowing more flexible layouts, turnouts, double slips and crossings
  • More realistic and detailed track models
  • Uneven track 3d-models to match rails to wheel movement
  • More realistic signal placement
  • Better signal models
  • Improved and more flexible bridge models
  • Better station platforms, buildings and props
  • Stopping markers will be moved onto the platforms where they belong

1.6 Train update

  • Improved train exterior and interior models and textures
  • New DMU classes (to be announced later)
  • Missing train physics will be added (handbrake, stopping of engines)
  • People inside the trains

1.7 Final update

This isn't a comprehensive list of all the updates to come. An improved user interface and some kind of Steam integration is also planned, as well as a number of smaller fixes and improvements where required. Sim owners will get these updates for free.

A more detailed list can be found on Steam

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Even though it’s about 50 years too late, I would love to see the Class 172 in this game with its 6 speed ZF gearbox 🤤.

Me too even if I'm more fond of the older trains! Maybe we'll start seeing modern DMUs from the community once the train editor is ready.

Edited the post again to show more realistic release dates and full content of the v1.2 update

Hey, how about in-game weather?

Hi Morgan, weather is not planned (currently at least) because it's quite a complex topic: it needs graphical effects e.g. rain, thunder, fog, reflective puddles, working windscreen wipers + all the quality level options for slower PCs + all the sound effects. Rain and wind affect adhesion and physics and the AI driver needs to be able to handle the changing weather conditions (wheel slip and slide). Reduced visibility caused by the fog also must affect the AI driver's behaviour (can't see so far), etc. etc. It's not high on my to-do-list but it's not completely ruled out either...


So I've edited the post to update the planned release months. From recent and past experience it seems that developing an update takes closer to three months rather than the two I was hoping to achieve.

No pressure, I'm happy to wait until it's ready, but any news on v1.2?

I'm running late with the v1.2 update (still working on the new route) so it'll be released in January. I'll post some more detailed news and screenshots next week or the week after that!

Cool, glad to hear it's on the way! Enjoy the holidays. :)

How long will the new route be?

Not sure because I haven't started yet (still working on the tooling). What do you think of the current route, is it too long or short in terms of service running times? I'm guessing most people would enjoy running times between 20 and 40 minutes.

Personally i would like a terminus to major station /terminus with an extensive suburban network and a 60 to 90 minutes run the thing that annoys me is the fact that as you go past woodham gobion it ends a minutes it suddenly end without no warning,i would at least like to terminate in a station.  


Ok, I'll make the next route with a longer main line and termini at both ends!


In 1.3 Editor update (Feb 2018) it says "loco + wagons and coaches." what type of loco do you mean like steam or diesel? i would assume diesel but i don't want to be mistaken

Definitely diesel! The physics can't yet do electrics or steam locos.

Cool thanks for answering that :D