Version 1.2 to be released in February

Version 1.2 should be ready for testing next week! The testing usually takes two weeks or weekends, so the update would be released on the second full week of February. It's taken quite a bit longer to prepare this update than I thought, but it also includes stuff that was originally planned for later versions: Class 117, new sky, more realistic lighting and better ground textures.

Here are a couple of screenshots from the opposite ends of the new main line.

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Awesome!!! Thank You!!!


Thanks guys, I'm glad we all agree! :)

The update looks awesome and it is a bonus that we get some stuff that was planned for future updates. It is also better to be released late then released on time and being an unfinished buggy update

Too bad it got delayed but its better then buggy content. the Game looks really nice, i can't wait for the update!