Version 1.2 Released!

The long awaited new version is finally out! Here are the main new features:

  • A new fictitious route with 2x-3x more trackwork than in the old one.
  • Route maps in the timetable screen to better understand where the services run.
  • New train: Class 117 to go with the theme of the new route.
  • Plenty of new authentic sounds from Robert Tarling's recordings. Many of these were processed for use in the sim by Peter Dian. The overall sound mixing has also been greatly improved with advice from aforementioned Peter and Dane Forth.
  • Improved sky, lighting and terrain texturing.
  • Many bugfixes and optimisations.

If you're using Itch app, the update will download automatically. Otherwise you can download the full zip again from your download page (notice version 1.2.0 beside the download button).

What's next? The sim will be published on Steam shortly, and keys will be distributed to existing owners here on Itch. Updates will be continued in both stores. The main new features of the next version will be a simple route editor and a new train or two.

EDIT: If you download the zip, please extract the contents to a folder on your desktop or somewhere else in your own files. Don't extract it to c:\program files\ or the new route won't work!

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Thank You!!!! Its great simulador!!! You did a great job and its nr1 your support :)

Thank you stavka!

The best train simulator just got better! Thank you so much for this update, the new sounds are great. :)

Thanks, I'm glad you like the sounds, they're maybe the best thing about the new version!