Mouse controls - request for feedback

How should the mouse work? Here's what I've gathered from the earlier feedback:

  • Left click = view selection (currently RMB)
  • Left drag = operate cab controls
  • Right click = toggle on/off "camera follows mouse" mode
  • Right drag = rotate camera (same as in the current version)
  • Option to invert vertical mouse axis

What about moving the camera? Currently it works by holding down RMB and using WASDEQ keys, or alternatively, remapping the keys to free slots and not having to hold down RMB. Any thoughts?

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I like the current setup, and knowing i can change it at any point using custom mapping helps quite a bit in easing me (cause i am known for breaking or spraining my wrists)

but as frontalowl said it would be good if there was a way to stop yourself from accidentally letting go of the right click and accidentally putting your gears down, i find this more of a problem on laptops than on actual towers with a proper mouse.

though i would like it if we could move the controls using the mouse itself instead of buttons, not sure if that is possible at the moment but that would be a cool feature for if it ever gets added

Thanks for the feedback! Have you tried unchecking the "move camera when right-hand mouse button is held down" checkbox under camera movement in the key configuration? You'll need to map the movement keys to some other keys in that case but you no longer need to hold down the mouse button when moving. Clickable cab controls are planned but the actual date or version to include them is not yet set.

My thoughts: I got accustomed to the default key mapping* and I like it (was mostly because I figured if new stuff is going to be added to the simulator as in different engines / control types, then default would work better and going back would force me to retrain my brain if I went custom keys.

*I was contemplating to switch gearing and throttle so that key combo would follow their position and movement as the physical in-game movement. (Q+A throttle W+S gears) or even moving gears to number-pad -+ (left hand / right hand separation as in real life). 

Only downsides that cross my mind of the current key assignment is that sometimes while outside of the cab (taking external screenshots) if I lift my finger off right click I could accidentally switch gears or throttle (hold right click to move enabled); and sometimes I bring up the occasional switch camera activation menu by accidentally right clicking.

There's also the SCROLL WHEEL and MIDDLE CLICK, which now are left unused. SCROLL WHEEL could be used for the ZOOM IN / ZOOM OUT function, opening up the LEFT CLICK to operate cab controls. Though the cab controls could also work as a key combination for extra safety like HOLD "keyboard key" + LEFT CLICK to eliminate accidental in cab operations.

But even if I had the option I would still use keyboard for train controls as reaction time is much faster than to operate in-game cab controls with mouse.

RIGHT CLICK to switch cameras is not that essential but I am to lazy to memorise the numbers for camera so I welcome its function somewhere. MIDDLE CLICK could replace RIGHT CLICK for camera menu pop-up.

Camera could also be moved to number-pad eliminating the RIGHT CLICK hold, but then some keyboards are ten-keyless, and distance from operational keys is kind of long.

"Option to invert vertical mouse axis" that's not for me as I am not a bat .  :P

Hope it helps.

Thanks! It seems the default keys are already pretty good although small improvements can be done. I'll definitely bind zooming to the scroll wheel but I'm not so sure about the middle click. It's easy to accidentally scroll a bit while middle clicking and I don't even know how to middle click on a laptop touchpad!

To prevent accidentally opening the camera menu pop-up, maybe an option to require double clicking instead of a single click?

Hmm, double clicking as in double right clicking ? that would be harder to discover unless it's explained somewhere; as double right clicking is not very common in PC usage. If I understood wrong and you meant moving it to left click and using double click activation that could work to reduce its accidental activation; it might require some time to get used to no zoom there. But hard to say how it would work when more functions are assigned in the future.

Another option is binding it to a key like "~" given that the top row is camera things; and/or transforming it to a radial/pie selector which pops up when key is hold.

Yes, double right clicking, but only as an additional option. The current setup would be the default. With zooming on the scroll wheel the left click zoom could be changed to work only when the button is held down. This would also help with misclicks in the future when clickable cab controls are in place.