Editor maintenance update

Version 1.81 fixes several crashes in all editors and has various improvements to how the editor side panel works.

Cloning now works more reliably in the train editor and has also been added to the timetable editor (templates, services, vehicles). Clones can also be done by right-clicking an item at the top of the side panel in addition to the button at the bottom.

Other editor fixes

  • Fixed "append/insert nodes" mode to complete by right-clicking like the other track laying modes
  • Fixed "add new template" mode in timetable editor to accept a single-order template
  • Fixed missing models from the list of built-in models
  • Fixed train editor not showing changes after saving as new and using undo (and possibly saving over the old one)
  • Fixed 2D/3D button in route editor to not mess up the camera
  • Changed node material matching name to ignore whitespace

Traffic and AI

  • Fixed pathfinder and signaller AI to not reserve the track too early for the first leg of a service in some cases
  • Relaxed signaller AI "approach control" constraints
  • Improved and optimised pathfinding, particularly for legs with reversals
  • Fixed driving AI to reverse correctly in some cases
  • Fixed incorrect "missed stop" in run evaluation if the service terminates by joining another train


  • Fixed LOD transitions for Class 35
  • Improved roof corners in some models made with the integrated train editor modelling tool
  • Restored missing Siphon G LOD0 buffers
  • Fixed service screen to show picture of railbus properly

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Version 1.81.0 Aug 14, 2021

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