Traffic maintenance patch

This patch fixes nearly 20 issues related to pathfinding AI, train reversing AI and rescue scenarios.

Scenery preloading

The loading screen now loads all train models and scenery in advance. This has the advantage that the simulation runs more smoothly, but the downside is that preloading can take a long time.

You can interrupt the preloading process after the first phase is complete by pressing the "Start already" button in the bottom-right corner. The scenery will then load during the simulation as in the previous versions.

Scenery preloading is automatically skipped for editors, quick start and continuing a saved game.

The first phase of scenery loading has also been optimised, as has been the actual loading of separate scenery objects during the simulation (buildings in particular).

Editor fixes

  • Restored editor tooltips for checkboxes
  • Fixed crash in train editor
  • Fixed route editor to reload terrain when pressing refresh key
  • Fixed possible crash when using packed models
  • Fixed loading of packed models and textures
  • Fixed highlighting for some objects in train editor

Other improvements

  • Optimised train models to build faster and with less stutter (during simulation)
  • Fixed rare crash in loading screen
  • Fixed kinks and gaps in rails caused by low level of detail
  • Reverted back to newer geometry computation (might affect train models made with the integrated modelling tool)

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Version 1.83.0 Sep 11, 2021

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