Class 40 locomotive now released!

This update adds the Class 40 locomotive to the default North Landen timetable where it replaces the Class 37, and to the default timetable of Mountain Pass where it replaces the 37 in half of the express services.

The 3D-model of the locomotive has been kindly provided by Digital Traction

A number of other issues and crashes are also addressed:

Pathfinding and timetables

  • Fixed several pathfinding and rescue scenario starting issues
  • Fixed pathfinding through three-way turnouts
  • Fixed crash when removing an order from the timetable editor map while its properties are open in the side panel
  • Added per-order pathfinding options to the timetable editor (if you're a timetable creator you can use these to solve possible "path not found" problems for your services)


  • Fixed Class 37 horn sound positioning
  • Fixed Class 37 train brake being mouse-interactable through the air brake needle
  • Slightly improved Class 37 performance
  • Added optional names for pistons and reservoirs so that their pressure can be read unambiguously through two new variables: get("pistonpressure(name)") and get("reservoirpressure(name)")


  • Improved the LOD generation algorithm
  • Fixed transparency issue for models loaded from files
  • Fixed fences across tracks in some routes (some still remain e.g. at Rickeridge in the Westfords route - to be fixed soon)

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Version 1.86.0 Nov 25, 2021

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