Route editor preview

Work on the route editor is still progressing! Most of the track, signal, station and other infrastructure editing features are ready. Scenery editing still needs to be completed before the first beta test version can be released. The video below shows how the 2D and 3D editing modes work.

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This is an awesome job! Thanks

looks great so far, looking forward to this feature

though one question is when you gets route off steam workshop how will it pop up on the menu... will there be a button that lets you see user made content?

this just crossed my mind since the current main menu has the routes already there and if it just adds routes to that it could really messy really quickly

Hi gulp78, I'm really sorry for missing your question earlier, I don't think I received a notification! Anyway, I'm going to enlarge the current route box in the main menu and automatically add the workshop routes there. The whole user interface could use a redesign which I'll do in one (or several) of the later updates, so I'll rethink the main menu layout then.

Ah, thanks for answering, looking forward to the route editor.