Version 1.40 (route editor) released!

The first version of the route editor is finally here! You can use the editor to create routes similar to the existing ones (UK theme, semaphore signals). Since the scenery features are still quite limited, the editor is best suited for creating urban and suburban routes. It's not yet possible to customise the signals, the appearance of the track, or use your own scenery items (3D-models).

The existing routes have also been updated with new scenery and improvements in trackwork. The old "Full route" is now called "North Landen", the second full route is "Westfords", and the demo route is called "Mountain pass".

The next update after this one is planned to include new trains and quite likely won't take as many months to develop as this one.

See below for a full list of fixes and improvements included in this version:

Route editor quick start

  • Start the route editor from the main menu either by right-clicking an existing route or by clicking the "Route editor" button in the route list.
  • Use the free roam key [8] and the map key [9] to switch between 3D and 2D views. Try right-clicking on things or empty space to do stuff. The editor is divided into infrastructure (tracks, signals etc.) and scenery modes which you can switch from the right-click popup menu.
  • Don't forget to save often [CTRL+S] if you're doing any serious route building with the editor.
  • It's ok to save a copy of an existing route made by Lapioware and continue from there, making your own version of it.
  • The editor may pause or stutter when scenery is reloading in 3D-mode. In 2D-mode pausing should not occur.
  • See full guide

Timetable editor

  • Added up/down buttons for reordering items in listings (e.g. service orders)
  • Fixed lagging
  • Fixed crash when adding a new service with an ID that's already in use
  • Fixed train length tooltip when adding a new service
  • Removed nonsense tooltips in listings like orders for a service template
  • Removed formation length check for non-stop orders so you should now be able to route a six-car 126 via the slow line in the second full route (now called "Westfords").
  • Improved name tag positioning in 2D editor view

Graphics improvements

  • Added configurable terrain resolution. Using a higher resolution will reduce the blocky appearance of the terrain but the terrain tiles are slower to appear as you move around in the world. The lowest setting corresponds to the old version.
  • Added configurable 3D drawing range (try a lower setting for higher frame rate or a higher setting for better views in mountainous routes)
  • Added randomised cloud coverage.
  • Added faster SSAO algorithm for exterior views.
  • Added new building models for scenery.
  • Improved lighting.
  • Improved shadow quality and drawing distance.
  • Improved bridges
  • Disabled sky reflections by default because they were causing problems on many systems (things turning dark occasionally). You can re-enable them from the graphics settings.
  • Removed graphics options to disable roads or housing because they were a mostly useless and unnecessary complication
  • Fixed passenger seat clipping in classes 117 and 127

User interface

  • Added simple/realistic controls choice to quick start
  • Added automatically generated route map to service selection screen
  • Added user interface zooming setting, useful to those who have a very low or high screen resolution
  • Added simple/realistic controls activation toggles to key configuration and reordered the key groups
  • Fixed key configuration saving when using AZERTY or some other non-QWERTY keyboard
  • Fixed same timetable appearing twice in the timetable list

Other changes

  • Optimisations: the routes load faster and there is less stutter while running, though your frame rate may still be lower than before because of the more dense scenery in many areas.
  • Improved memory usage to reduce "out of memory" crashes
  • Fixed AI trains being always late under some circumstances.
  • Moved stopping markers onto platforms. They're more difficult to spot but the old position next to the track was not prototypical.
  • Made it possible to move the camera forward in the driver's seat to see gauges better
  • Fixed curve superelevation to be smoother
  • Fixed bug where signal would show danger even if in reality it's clear
  • Fixed a possible crash when trying to start a service in some routes

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This is shaping up really nicely! Can custom routes be shared easily? I realize any sort of route curation or download hub is a huge amount of work and a whole new can of worms to deal with. :)

All the new graphics enhancements look great!

Thanks! The easiest way to share routes is via Steam Workshop which is basically a download hub. If you don't wish to use Steam then it might be possible to use websites like Or, just e-mail your route to me and I'll include it in the core package with appropriate credits! The file sizes are very small since there won't be any custom textures yet.

Oh hm,  I only have DRS on Steam Workshop is great news regardless.

You can claim a free Steam key for DRS here on itch, so you can access the Workshop free of cost if you want to.

... I did not know that. I shall do so!

Have already enjoyed a few drives (can confirm that urban areas look a lot better; noticed some glitches on overpasses where the bridge wall and surface don't line up, there are gaps), and have finally dared to turn off a few assists. I can't imagine driving without the route map though, it just seems impossible without advance warning of speed changes. Maybe I could get away without signals and just rely on AWS, hmm ... :)

Looking forward to whatever is next, keep up the great work.

Wait, what? How do I do this?

It's only if you've purchased a copy on itch. I can't remember where the actual button for claiming the key is, probably on the download page.